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We list here some books we have found useful over the years and continue to inspire and shape our work. You may want to explore the Amazon reviews to see what might be helpful for you. 

"The feedback that we received (both solicited and unsolicited) regarding Jeremy was without doubt exceptional, both from a facilitation and a coaching perspective. He was revered by his peers and clients alike.  His approach was always to have the best interests of the client considered primary and focus vehemently on setting clear goals and achieving measurable outcomes.  I would very definitely welcome the opportunity to have Jeremy work with me again to undertake a similar program."

Dawn Tsoubos, Former Senior Manager Learning and Development, ANZ Banking Group, Melbourne, Australia

I think of Jeremy as the B2 stealth bomber of coaching - strategic, long-range, capable of penetrating sophisticated and dense defence shields whilst hardly being visible.

Sharon Stevens, Executive Coach